Can A Man Love A Dolphin? Poem


Can a man love a dolphin?

Can he dream of holding it tight?

From tip to tail the whole thing,

Can he learn to love it right?


Can he spoon it in his bed?

Can he kiss it on the cheek?

Or would his friends just point and laugh,

And call him ‘fishy freak’?


Can a man take a dolphin wife?

Can she make his world compete?

Or would it be an awkward life,

Plodding on flippers, not on feet?


Can a man have dolphin babies?

Can he raise them as his own?

Or would they grow up weird and crazy,

Look all wizened like a gnome?


Might a man become detested,

All his thoughts and feelings swirled,

If he admits to being arrested,

Swimming naked in SeaWorld?


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