IMG_2586Who the hell am I?

A spontaneous, hyper-active, opinionated gorilla who likes to scream and shout.

Raised in the wilderness of Leicestershire and now living in the jungle of London, I spend my days sitting in my dressing gown, watching YouTube videos of cats and eating chocolate biscuits.

A huge fan of the movie ‘Ghostbusters’, I often dream of being chased by the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.  I’ve also been known to confuse the past with the present, especially after watching ‘Back to the Future’.

My ultimate ambition is to create a phrase that’s so cool it becomes international street-slang.  I’d also like to popularise the cape as more than just a fashion accessory for superheroes.


A few opinions:

  • On recycling: Each time you don’t recycle you kick a squirrel in the face.
  • On facial hair: I wish I had some.
  • On spelling mistakes: Their raelly realy badd.


The mottos I live by:

  • I walk slowly, but I never walk backward – Abraham Lincoln.
  • Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life – Confucius.
  • Reach for the stars, climb every mountain higher – S Club 7.